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Digital Photography The New Way To Taking Photographs

Digital Photography The New Way To Taking Photographs

Photography is an art.  It takes practice, skill, and an eye for the unexpected.  Not all people will take the time to study a landscape, wildlife, building, or other subject to find the hidden depth within, but when they do often they will find great meaning in the photo they take.  Photographers spend their lives looking for new and different ways to shoot a subject.  Digital photography is just one new way of taking a picture.  There are many advantages for working with digital photography.

The darkroom is out the computer printer comes forward for most of us using digital photography.  We are able to send our pictures to all our friends with a few clicks of the buttons.  Digital photography makes taking a picture simple, by eliminating some of the guesswork.  With the LCD screen on a digital camera you can now view the photo you just took without waiting and hour or longer to see the film develop.  We are no longer limited by film capacity, but by memory cards.  Most memory cards have 32MB or 1GB depending on how much you’ve spent on equipment.

Digital photography can encompass the professional cameras with the interchanging lenses, manual setting or it can be a simple point and shoot camera.  Whether you are looking for a professional grade picture or something your friends will laugh over digital photography has made taking photos easier.  As I said before we can see the picture before we ever print, and also a lot of digital cameras will allow you to crop and save the photo before printing.

Digital cameras can be all sizes from a key chain camera to the professional.  We have all had a little fun with digital on our phones.  If you are more interested in the professional side of photography the first digital camera you choose should have interchangeable lenses with a high resolution.  It can be automatic if you feel more comfortable with light settings, however most have ISO settings, aperture, and shutter speed choices as well.

Like with older photographer setting up your shot is half the fun.  Determining the settings you need to use for light is the other.  Setting up your shot still requires you to have an eye for the unusual or for making the unusual out of a common scene.  Walk around the subject and look for every possible angle, you may even decide to take several photos to choose the best angle.  This is where digital photography surpasses film cameras every time.  Once you have looked at all angles and taken photos you get to see if the effect you wanted is there.  It is a faster way for you to learn how to set the shutter speed and aperture on a shot and use lighting because you see the results while you still looking at the scene.

Digital photography may not seem like it would still use all those skills you learned on your old camera, but this is definitely not true.  Instead digital photography enhances your learning while you are still at the sight.  Instead of long hours in a darkroom or waiting in line you can get the picture you want right then.  It certainly gives more towards vacation photos when you can see if your thumb is over the lens or the camera strap was in the way or worse someone just walked in front of you.  Digital photography like all things has evolved to help us experience a new way in photography.


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